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Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent, ultra-thin layer of polyurethane material applied to the exterior surfaces of vehicles to safeguard the paint from stone chips, bug splatter, bird droppings, and other environmental contaminants. This invisible shield not only provides an additional layer of defense against daily wear and tear but also preserves the original aesthetic of the vehicle by preventing paint damage and maintaining a glossy finish.

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Car Paint Protection Film

Discover the extraordinary features of our Paint Protection Films and experience unparalleled protection for your vehicle’s exterior. Choose Auto Logic Salon for cutting-edge solutions that prioritize the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your car’s paint job.

Self Protection

Paint Protection Film (PPF) from Auto Logic Salon boasts advanced self-healing properties. This innovative feature allows the film to repair minor scratches and swirl marks automatically, ensuring your vehicle maintains a flawless appearance over time.

UV Protection

Our PPF provides robust ultraviolet (UV) protection, shielding your vehicle's paint from the harmful effects of the sun. This feature not only preserves the aesthetic appeal of your car but also prevents fading and damage caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Stain Resistance

Worried about stains affecting your vehicle's appearance? Our PPF comes with exceptional stain resistance, preventing common contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sap, and road tar from leaving lasting marks on your car's paint.

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Offers the highest standard of vinyl wrap services in California. The wrapping process is performed one panel at a time, so that the vinyl can fully cover and adhere around the edges. The vehicle is dismantled as needed to provide access to areas that normally wouldn’t be covered in lesser quality wraps – this includes but not limited to: trims, handles, grill covers, lights, bumpers, spoilers, etc. The vinyl we use is also class leading; 3M and Avery Dennison. All work done from the convenience of your home and warrantied as well.

Full vehicle color changes, Custom Graphics, and wheel powder coatings are our most popular installations. Surf our site and start your journey today; Auto Logic Salon is ready to deliver.

Auto Logic Salon is an owner operated business that is dedicated to 100% customer service and customer satisfaction. Our past client referrals and excellent reviews are the reason why we are in business.

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